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“Play to find the heart of the story, and with that which you find, be unrelenting in it’s detail.” While empowering the artists he works with, Ricky has an unforgiving attention to detail and from a DOP/ Editor background, also allows him to be technically aware of the needs of production and post production.


Director of Photography & Camera Operator for over seven years. From shooting as a Guerrilla Film Maker on the Cannon 550d to MK3 to Sony A7SII to full funded and corporate shoots with the FS7 and ARRI Alexa Mini. Favourite lens so far, is the Canon 50mm CN-E and favourite light is the Aputure 120D.


Let Invisible Darkness bring your vision to life. Whether you be the writer, actor, director or producer, lets begin the magic of story telling. We have a range of creatives who we work with i.e. co-producers, sound mixers, and choreographers.

Excellence can only be achieved through aggressively serving the vision of your film.

Post Production

From Editing, Award Winning Visual Live Action Effects, Colour Correction & Grade to DCP Deliverables to Theatre, Live Events, PRO RES, Cinema Format, Online Delivery and bringing cinematic exports to your Corporate Work. Invisible Darkness has the latest in Da Vinci Resolve, Final Cut, Adobe Premiere, Cinema 4D, Blender, Red Giant and amazing Sound Mixers who we collaborate with.


Less, is more. We consult and brutally look at your vision so we can tell your story the best and most imaginative way it can be delivered.


What originally made IVD special, was the low budget micro shorts made in IVD’s infancy, requiring to learn and train ¬†in Cinema 4D, Element 3D and After Effects Composition to not just dress and correct unavoidable obstacles onset, however also deliver live action effects and CGI


Working with the very latest in grade technologies and using years of experience working from the ground up, we colour correct and grade to your ideal vision of the project. Look upon our work.

Show Reels and Scenes From Scratch

Artist Reel Services

Cinematic Quality in sound and image, we offer incredible show reel scenes from scratch and have a range of packages to fit your budget. We also do showreel edits and house call self tapes for auditions with our quick turn round kit and portable back-drop


Cinema lens, Cinema Camera recording in PRO RES HQ, Professional Sound (most important) and professional lights including colour grade and edit, we offer 3 amazing packages to make the best show reel material to sell YOU.


We take your material and make an effective showreel to showcase and get straight to the magic and craft ‘YOU’ bring to the industry


For those very important self tapes that require that professional grade in cinematic image and sound, we offer a house call service with our extremely portable ‘ Self Tape Assist Kit ‘ ¬†Edited on site with you and delivered via Vimeo Pro or onsite.

"I was in urgent need of a showreel and Ricky saved my bacon. It was exactly what I needed first time around and I'll be begging his services again at some point in the future. Many thanks."

- Laura Evelyn | Actor

I am so grateful to Ricky (Invisible Darkness) for the magic he worked on my showreel. I am very confident and proud showing it to casting directors and other industry professionals. Ricky carefully selected the scenes that represent me and my talent best- he really knows what works and what is needed for a good showreel. He listened and truly understood what I am looking for, advised and shared his knowledge of showreels and the industry to make sure we get the best result. Thank you for ''a step up'' in my career.

- Kristina Buikaite | Actor

I can't wait to work with Ricky (Invisible Darkness) again. He is such a talented, creative and kind director- real professional. Ricky works fast, always knows what he wants and how to achieve it. He very naturally finds the way to connect with actors, makes sure they are comfortable so they can deliver their best performance. He listens to everyone in the team carefully, his notes are always spot on and he is very attentive to details. One of my best experiences on set!

- Kristina Buikaite | Rightswipe

IVD are amazing! Without their expertise and talent are projects wouldn't be possible. In a world where indie film making requires you have the cleverest people working as efficiently as possible; as a DOP, as an editor, as a VFX supervisor, Ricky is indispensable

- Christopher Hughes

"Right from the first meeting we knew our marketing campaign was in extremely good hands. Ricky was creative, innovative and great to work with from the first spark of an idea right up to the beautifully finished product. His meticulous and artistic eye is second to none. We couldn't recommend him more!'"

- Lilly Streames

"Ricky at Invisible Darkness was absolutely brilliant. He managed to pull all the great moments from my material, however small, and weave them together seamlessly into a great reel. Very skilled editor and great personal service. He really listened to what I wanted and delivered a final product that exceeded my expectations!"

- Max Warrick

"Ricky has a distinct understanding of actors and of what a showreel needs to contain to best showcase your range and body of work. He is an invaluable asset in helping collate your best material to really get the most out of a few succinct minutes of footage. He is a fantastic editor and I couldn't be happier with the end result of my showreel he structured, cut and polished. I loved working with Ricky as he listens and takes on board any thoughts and ideas I had whilst also bringing his skills as a director and editor into the process from the start and guiding me as to what works best and how to achieve a brilliant end result."

- Carina Birrell