We’ve specialised in Live Composition, Animation and Clean Up.  in our creative and corporate work for over twelve years.  We are powered by Adobe After Effects , Blender,  Unreal Engine 5, Mocha Pro,  Video Copilot , Red Giant Suite , Pro Create and Photoshop.  With a basic rate starting from  £500 per day. Our fees are subject to making your project’s budget and timeline work, while delivering excellence as standard.  We want to bring the best to your vision and magic. 


What originally made IVD special, was our learning from the ground up while in practice onset; refining our techniques in visual composition.


Our editing is relentless.

CC and Color Grade

Powered by our love for Black Magic’s Da Vinci Resolve and Kodak Film Emulation, we love adding the final touch to a film’s delivery, working closely with the project’s Cinematographer/ DOP to bring the Director’s vision to life. Our starting rates are £400 per day and subject to making the best of your project’s budget.